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The Challenge

Bill Ihling, a seasoned folk music artist, enlisted Pixlex to develop a website aimed at expanding his business. He sought specific features to attract potential business clients interested in hiring him for performances at their establishments. Additionally, he expressed a desire to have features to engage and inform his fan base.

The Process

The Pixlex team worked closely with Bill Ihling to bring his vision to fruition. This began with in-depth consultations, we meticulously analyzed Bill's business objectives and target audience. We tailored a website solution with features catering to his dual goals: attracting businesses for performances and engaging his fan base.

The development process involved iterative feedback loops with Bill, ensuring his unique artistic identity was seamlessly integrated. Through collaborative effort, we implemented a user-friendly interface, robust business inquiry features, and compelling fan engagement elements, resulting in a website that harmoniously (no pun intended)  reflects Bill Ihling's musical artistry and facilitates business growth.

The Result

Fully featured Entertainment website:

  • Events management system
  • Sound Cloud Integration for music playback
  • YouTube Integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Business Inquiry form
  • "Magazine-style" about page
  • Editable song list

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