about us

Pixlex Media is a Digital Agency that takes a full-circle approach to success on the Internet with High Performing Websites , Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing to drive traffic.

Pixlex has helped many businesses to become more profitable by creating an online presence that attracts and converts new customers. Pixlex's one-stop Digital Agency approach serves their clients with all the necessities for success online, all from one place. Everything Pixlex creates is purpose-built and in-sync with brand vision and goals creating an efficient and cost-effective solution to all web needs.

As a core value, Pixlex Media holds the relationships that are built with clients above anything else, and seeks to build long-lasting business relationships through continued value and dedicated work. We look forward to working with you!

"We launched out of a passion to create a quality one-stop solution for small-to-medium sized businesses in need of Digital Design and Marketing. I believe it doesn’t have to be a frustrating, confusing or over costly venture to obtain and maintain success online. The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool that if used correctly can fast-track any new business towards profitability and bring an already successful business increased up-ward trend. Let Pixlex Media help you build your dreams!”

Ryan Doyle
Founder, Pixlex Media LLC